About the Shaya Izibalo Maths Institute

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We provide Mathematics resources and services to secondary schools, particularly in less privileged spaces since we believe that a decent Mathematics education should be a right for all. We use a combination of in-person and online approaches in order to gain maximum reach and scale.

The Institute is led by Paul de Wet. Paul is a “born and bred” teacher of Mathematics. He is the son of two teachers, one of them an outstanding Mathematics teacher, so teaching Mathematics is literally “in his blood”.

Paul has enjoyed significant privilege in terms of his own education, having attended Hilton College as a schoolboy. He has subsequently taught in a number of leading Independent Schools. While he occupied a variety of senior leadership roles in these schools, his first passion has always been the teaching of Mathematics. He is highly regarded as an exceptional Mathematics teacher, National Examiner, popular presenter at conferences and a prolific creator of resources. Paul’s deep desire is to use his abilities, experience and energy to give back and to make a difference to those who need it the most.